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In business, one of the most indispensable factors of success is marketing and public relations. Which in this era is regarded as the era where anyone can use media to reach more consumers is the winner. And the form of media that is popular at this time is seen as digital or online marketing media that many businesses are interested in. But did you know that in Marketing is still necessary to use media at the point of sale (referred to as a variety of transliteration such as POSM media or Point of Sales Materials , POS Display or Point of Sales Display media, POP Display or Point of Purchase Display media ). printed from a sign shop as well Even when the exhibition is only a short time, but the use of the booth equipment is well integrated. Presentations can stand out with these signage materials.

It's as simple as when we go for a walk in a shopping mall. Expo booth _ event _ Stores also try to promote promotions to attract us, for example . Vinyl Banner , Poster ( Poster ) , Standee ( Standee ) , Roll up ( Roll up ), X Stand ( X-Stand ), Japanese flag (J-Flag), glass sticker ( Window Sticker ), tasting booths , stickers attached to the elevator or by the escalator , backdrop ( Backdrop ) etc., full of stores! This is the media at the main selling point that they don't know and don't pay attention at all.


Reasons why businesses need to use point-of-sale marketing materials and prints from sign making shop That is in order to help businesses reach the right customer groups and can create tangible communication. This type of media has been around for a very long time in the path of marketing and PR. Although at present there are Many businesses turned to use digital media more, but the printing of billboards It still plays a role and is important to the high competition in the market as before. Because it has a variety of forms, can be produced quickly, and is easy to move. Got an impact, good value for the price. Help to end the sale of the job.

Troop sign, promotional sign, holding sign, speech sign

Especially in the case of sales promotion at events or booths outside the place to promote and publicize. Promotional media type POS Display or booth equipment It is a medium that will help stimulate interest in the product to customers that result in purchasing decisions rather than setting up a booth to sell products without promotional materials at these points of sale to help promote the product If placed together with, for example , a vinyl sign, a person-sized stand, a roll-up, an X-Stand roll-up, large enough to make the graphic design work with the accompanying information stand out. It will make your products and business look more attractive and eye-catching. Ready to compress promotions in the billboards as well, making customers feel satisfied and speeding up the decision to buy products or services for sure. But don't forget to check that the file is clear, resolution only for printing .

Roll Up Standee J Flag

Mainly Poster ( Poster ), Standee ( Standee ) , Roll-up ( Rull up ), X -Stand ( X-Stand ), Japanese flag. (J-Flag), printed decorative stickers There are also examples of POP media such as leaflet ( Brochure / Leaflet ), future boards, quotes, troop signs , award badge , light sign , ready label , bounce sign ( Wobbler ), Shelf placed the goods , tag label , card tent ( Tent Card ), Fiber casting sculptures, etc., and many more that storefront marketers need to know. And focus, must try to design graphics to make them stand out and look great when hiring a sign making shop It has arrived. It's beautiful. Both marketers and customers are satisfied.

backdrop backdrop backdrop

Car Wrap

Interested in making media, decorations, events , ordering various types of booth equipment such as Tent Cards, Standee , Roll up, X-Stand, J-Flag , Backdrop, Coupon, Wobbler, Future Board Sign, Speech Sign, Troop Sign, Cheer Sign, Sweepstakes Box, etc. Beautiful colors, fast work, let's speed up to sell and make a profit. Smooth printing with 6 color ink system CcMmYK that provides a wider range of colors Suitable for food photos, skin tones, landscape shots, colorful product shots.

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