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LED Slim Lightbox Sign

LED Slim Lightbox Sign

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FAQ - How to Order

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in each product listing on the website There will be a form to fill out to request a quote through an automatic system. Then our staff will contact you back to quote a price according to the information received. Basic information required such as

  • name
  • contact number
  • Address for issuing quotation documents
  • Additional job specification details
  • attachment
  • place of delivery

We have expert admin staff who can provide information and answer any further questions. Line ID: @octopusdesign

  • Customers can notify the characteristics they want, such as making signs. or the work of making stickers, product labels, or equipment for the booth, etc.
  • Inform the specification of the desired label or sticker material. with specified size
  • Inform the number of signs or pieces of work needed
  • Schedule for delivery
  • Also inform the delivery location or the address that requires the installation of the sign.

For project customers, you can attach a detailed file of the required work to E-Mail : Our staff will check the details and price. or give advice for suitability in use

Please leave your name and contact number in the email.

Octopus Media Solutions bank account details
Account name: Octopus Media Solutions Co., Ltd.
Kasikorn Bank : 038-868462-3
Siam Commercial Bank : 076-272755-8

You can provide proof of transfer, name, address, contact number at
E-Mail :
Line ID: @octopusdesign (with @ in front)

Credit card payments can be accepted using our online payment system on our FB Page: octopusmediasolutions. for a small additional fee

Customers can coordinate to request documents to be paid according to the company system, sending invoices, billing, receiving checks. Contact number for coordination 081-776-8329 or 088-882-4432

Government agencies Work worth 10,000 baht or more can issue a job order according to the government system via LINE or email. Contact for more information 08-8882-4432

We have a variety of printing systems that we use to deliver to suit the needs of colors, objectives, and the quality of the customer's use the most, for example:

  • Epson eCo-Solvent Pigment-Based Ink : Outdoor Inkjet 6-Color System
  • Ricoh Gen6 UV-Curable Medium/Hard Inkjet System 8 colors
  • HP Environtment Latex Inkjet System 8 colors
  • Mimaki UV-Curable Soft Ink System 8 colors
  • Konica Minolta Digital-Offset Print RGB
  • Cut CNC / Fiber Laser / CO2 Laser according to the type of material such as stainless steel, zinc, acrylic, plastwood.
  • Assembled according to the desired design by electric welding. Argon or laser welding
  • Color the label according to the specification with 2K industrial paint or baking paint.
  • Operate the LED Strip / Module / T8 system according to the appropriateness of the sign.
  • High quality die-cut or ink-jet printed vinyl stickers.
  • keep details Clean before preparation, QC and next delivery.

The QC department will inspect the goods according to the checklist before the delivery process to ensure that the goods are always in perfect condition.

  • Quality : The quality of the assembly of the sign is standardized according to the specified specification. There are no flaws that affect beauty and usability.
  • Material: material used to make labels or stickers that meet the standards according to the specification, service life and purpose of use
  • Resolution: Beautiful resolution in printing stickers or other materials with high definition, suitable for use in each viewing distance of billboards.
  • Color: Ink for printing stickers or materials that can be used with beautiful colors according to the desired Pantone color value, tight colors, beautiful gradations, and durable, bright, not faded before time.

The company can deliver goods in a variety of ways, always considering the most economical and cost-effective way. using delivery networks such as

  • Transport within the company: for large or large quantities of goods, the company can deliver and take care of the recipient with comprehensive document services for business customers. Receive by delivery date or schedule.
  • Deliveree : For general standard size products, the service can be delivered to the recipient's hands with standards in the Bangkok area. Receive the product within 1-2 hours of delivery.
  • Grab: For general standard size products, express delivery service 1-2 hours, collecting the recipient's destination in Bangkok.
  • JT Express : for general standard size parcels delivered nationwide within 1-2 days.
  • NimExpress : For large parcels, delivery nationwide within 1-2 days.
  • DHL : for general standard size parcels delivered worldwide within 3-7 days
  • The team is ready to install a variety of signs at the event. both ordinary areas High on the building Facade or Pylon Sign Billboard
  • Flexible sign installation time during business hours or according to the rules of the building morning or night
  • The technician team is ready to install signs or stickers at the job site. We will have an installation coordinator who can always call for information.
  • before entering the work site The company will contact to make an appointment to the customer's contact information provided earlier.
  • in delivering the installation of signs or stickers Every time the customer will receive a delivery document. You can check the acceptance of the work or notify the collection of additional work.

contact us

LINE ID : @octopusdesign

Contact number : 081 776 8329 | 061 353 9555

Business customers :

095 941 6449 (TH) - Inkjet Printing & POP Display

092 475 4615 (TH/EN) - Inkjet Printing & POP Display

+66 (0) 984 629 669 (EN/FR)

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Product details

Thin light frame signs, backlit light signs , slim led signs, thin light box signs. Thin frame light sign Storefront menu sign Picture frame menu with lights Picture frame signs with backlit film, bright lights, cheap prices, eye-catching prints, clear colors, outstanding work.

Blacklist light sign Backlit light box or light distribution sign frame It is a light box sign that uses sticker backlit material, backlit film or translucent vinyl. It is a hard, translucent PP film, water resistant, sun resistant, rain resistant, does not shrink, can be used for a long time, similar to photographic film, giving beautiful, good-looking, classy images, and can be used. Both internal and external work Has waterproof properties. (Most commonly used for exterior work)

  • The light box sign is made of thick, good quality Aluminum Profile.
  • Snap Frame light sign frame, open-close, change the printed image, Backlit Film, convenient.
  • Lightweight sign frame, only 1 inch thick, attaches to the wall without being bulky.
  • The sign is brightly lit with an LED SMD Strip light system, model 2835 or 5050, energy saving, lifespan over 50,000 hours, brightness 2500 - 4000 lux.
  • Quality LED light, CRI/RA 80+, temperature 5700-6500K for color fidelity.
  • Backlit Film, high quality printing with UV Double Layer 1440 dpi ink, providing vivid colors for over 3 years.
  • LED Slim Lightbox sign with the highest print quality. Ready to deliver nationwide. And large signs have installation services around Bangkok and surrounding areas.

Slim Lightbox signs, cheap light box signs, department store light signs, restaurant light signs, LED light boxes

Price of slim light frame sign, Slim Lightbox, picture frame with LED light, cheap price, menu light sign, LED photo frame, restaurant light sign

Examples of Slim Lightbox signs, cheap light box signs, department store light signs, restaurant light signs, thin LED light boxes, wall mounted, backlit stickers.

LED light sign Slim Lightbox, thin, slim light sign frame, LED light sign, aluminum snap frame that is easy to use. The image is printed on Backlit Inkjet film, suitable for display signs, restaurant menu signs, for advertising promotions that are frequently changed and rotated.

  • The light sign is made of black aluminum frame, strong and does not rust.
  • Snap Frame light sign frame, easy to open and close, no additional accessories required. Conveniently changing backlit film nameplates
  • Lighted sign frame, slim, light , frame thickness only 1 inch, attaches to the wall, not bulky. Convenient installation as a hanging sign
  • Light-diffusing sign frame, LED light sign , energy-saving , long-lasting, bright, convenient to connect to home electrical outlets.
  • Backlit images printed with UV inkjet ink, bright and durable.
  • Slim light sign picture frame LED Slim Lightbox, highest print quality. With nationwide delivery service and large signs with installation service. Around Bangkok and surrounding areas
  • Thin light signs can be ordered in special sizes as needed.
  • Thin LED picture frame light signs are commonly used as hanging light signs. Wall-mounted lighted signs, attached to the wall, are lighted menu signs for restaurants, coffee shops, lighted signs, decorative display signs, shelf decorations in stores, easy to care for, therefore very popular nowadays.

You can trust us to make light signs with us. Because we care about every process

Provide professional advice on making light signs. Receive customer needs Evaluate the suitability of material grades The objectives for use in every case are detailed. To ensure that you will receive work that is right for your purpose, worthwhile, worth the price, without worrying that it will be Under/Over Spec.

There is a team to survey the area and install signs. Design a light sign, take off the model, and check the specifications. Ensure that the sign production work is appropriate for actual use.

Make advertising signs with quality materials. vinyl sticker Aluminum acrylic sync stainless steel Good material, welded neatly. Make signs with industrial paint or 2K paint, ensuring neatness and quality.

We make light signs with standardized machinery and equipment. and High quality inkjet printer The color corresponds to CI, very beautiful, resistant to sunlight, does not fade easily. Accepting genuine UV inkjet, latex, and solvent printing from Japan. Rich, beautiful colors.

Nationwide sign delivery service and Providing services for installing advertising lights throughout Bangkok and surrounding areas. With a professional team Direct experience in all aspects of the job site Both horizontal and vertical work, all types of commercial work, both inside and outside of business hours.

Interested in making various types of advertising light signs? We can make various types of light signs as needed . Contact Line @octopusdesign to get the answer or call 081-776-8329.

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