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FDA Approval Signboard

FDA Approval Signboard

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Sign requesting permission from the FDA for places that import, produce, and store food. Medical equipment, plastic signs, procedures for requesting FDA approval, cosmetics, animal food, requesting FDA approval. Delivery service available nationwide.

Producing or importing food for sale requires permission from the FDA in two steps:

"Ask for location permission" and "Ask for product permission"

​1. Requesting permission for a location is divided into 3 types:

  • Request food production location (In case it is not included as a factory)
  • Request a license to produce food (in the case of a factory)
  • Request an import license (In the case of being an importer)

2. Requesting product authorization

Certain types of food products In addition to having a license to produce food or import it, it cannot be sold. Must request permission for the "FDA Number" or "Food Serial Number" in order to be able to sell it to the market.

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