How to arrange the largest number of stickers on the paper

Page layout is another important issue that both designers and printers need to know techniques for printing. logo sticker or product label It comes out beautifully with the right amount of paper of each size used by the printing house.

In order to get stickers, product labels , come out as desired and appropriate. Especially in the arrangement of stickers , circular die-cuts that designers must have techniques to place them on the page in order to get the number of product labels in the number that is most suitable for the page. and can be die-cut to peel off and stick it in the most beautiful way which depends on the following components 

  1. Sizes and styles of stickers , especially circular die-cuts that are commonly designed to order, generally come in 4 sizes, namely 3, 3.5, 4 and 5 centimeters when placed on paper of various sizes . Stickers of different sizes will have different numbers, and one trick that designers should know is that if designing a circle sticker , when placed on the same size paper, there will be a greater chance of getting a square sticker.

Product Label Arrangement Circle Square Paper PP PVC Gold Kraft Sticker Label Align Arrangement

  1. Arrangement of stickers, whether it is a product label designed in a square or circle shape. What can't be forgotten is to omit the edges of the top, bottom, left and right, which the designer must make Always keep the size of each edge of the sticker piece at least 1 centimeter or more. As for the arrangement of the Sticker in a circle, be sure to arrange it opposite each other. This will result in the maximum number of stickers per sheet of A3 paper .

Measuring Paste Label Sticker Paper PP PVC Gold Kraft Sticker Label Align Arrangement

  1. used paper size For the size used in order to be able to place the product labels down to get the amount of the desired size beautifully and get the maximum amount. It is recommended to design and Place the stickers in A3 size paper and the printing area should be 26 x 40.5 centimeters per sheet, which is considered the safest distance area where designers can place stickers in different formats for space. In cutting that can get the number of Sticker out as needed, suitable for die-cutting to copy and use it for real use without problems.
Scope of placement of sticker labels in paper A3 Sticker Label PP Paper area align arrange

    Many people may have questions why not use A4 paper for arrangement. logo sticker For print jobs, the answer is that even if the Sticker is the same size But when arranged to fill the usable area of ​​A4 paper , which must be spaced around the edge of the paper 2 times that of A3 , the amount of Sticker obtained will be less than when arranging in A3 paper , even if two sheets of A4 paper have The size of one sheet of A3 paper. This is because there is a small loss of space to cut in half.

    Print label stickers Area size 1 sheet A3 Margin Paper PP PVC Gold Kraft Sticker Label Align Arrangement

    Therefore, in order to be worthwhile Business owners should be mindful of size. The design shape of the logo determines the size of the paper. Including designing the placement, printing of product labels from the beginning in order to make the workpieces come out with quality. and the most worthwhile investment

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