How to design a logo that is striking and eye-catching

Logo is a trademark that is important for every business because it symbolizes the identity of the business, products, and services that logos can be used in many media such as online media. including used as a product label in the form Logo stickers for use related to packaging and various packages

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for graphic designers logo design Or those who want to design a logo for use, whether it's a new business owner who has never designed a logo before or someone who has a logo of their own. But still not impressed and not recognized by customers. Want to rebrand with a new logo design to make it modern? Conveys the identity of the brand or business. or more eye-catching for customers Today we have a logo design guideline for you.

  1. Design for business The first thing to keep in mind is that those logos must be able to represent your business. This means that when the customer sees the logo You will immediately know what brand, product or service this is. For example, bringing letters symbolic animal or images related to business operations to be designed into stickers, logos , etc.

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  1. Simple but modern It has been noticed that quite a few brands use their logos in a very simple manner, such as using modern black fonts to write the brand name alone. This kind of logo design technique should not be overlooked. May be called cool as a minimalist style. less but more

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  1. Color, light and shadow doesn't have to be a lot. story of color logo design There is no need to use too many colors and variety. But should choose only the colors that convey the brand. Or is it the regular color of the brand? As for the light and shadow Flat logos are more popular and modern these days. especially if you want to design a logo for the purpose of being printed as Logo stickers too. If using too many colors and shadows. This will make the logo difficult to look at, unremarkable, and unattractive.
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  1. Obviously, if the logo design is Letters, along with other images or symbols , logo designers Must be designed so that the letters that convey the name of the brand are clear and not too small. Customers can see it and can read it immediately.
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  1. not stiff logo designer May use techniques to add softness to the design Make it look more interesting and stand out by using the effects of the letters to have a tilt or more fluidity. Instead of just designing letters or symbols as straight or blunt shapes.
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    We believe that the 5 logo design guidelines that we bring together today will be beneficial to designers who logo design And business owners who want logo design ideas for use as they want as well.

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