How to install LED Strip วิธีติดตั้งไฟ LED สายไฟแอลอีดี

How to install LED SMD or LED Strip by yourself

How to install LED SMD or LED strip by yourself

Now, many people who are looking for LED bulbs must be familiar with SMD LEDs or we see LED strips. Those LEDs that we see are LED SMD or LED Strip .

This type of LED is considered to be a very popular LED at this time because it can be used in a wide variety of applications. and many forms In addition, the characteristics of this type of LED are also outstanding than other types of LEDs. Start with a brighter light And the color of the light is diverse, but most importantly, it is easy to install. Friends can install it themselves. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Check that the LED you received before is working normally.

Most of the line LEDs have a circuit board with a resistor. already installed We only need to connect the power supply to the positive and negative terminals to test the LEDs.

  1. Measure the length in the area where we will install

Installing the LED strip requires measuring the length of the location or object before cutting the LED.

3.Cut the LED to the desired length.

The cutting of the LED strip can be cut to the length we need. Notice that the intersection will have a patch with positive and negative poles.

  1. Connect the wires to the LED.

Once the LED is cut to the desired length, connect the wires either by soldering or by connecting them with a connector. so that it is ready to connect to the power supply

  1. Do another LED test before installation.

This is an important step because sometimes the length of the LED is not enough we need to connect the LED wires , sometimes it may cause loose or disconnection of the wires connecting between the LEDs. Before the actual installation is therefore necessary.

  1. Bring the tested LED and install it.

To install this LED strip light we will use some kind of good double sided tape to attach it to the object we need from time to time. It may be possible to use hot glue to install it.

  1. Install a dimmer to reduce the light output from the LED.

For Dimmer is a device that reduces the voltage supplied to the LED to adjust the brightness of the LED to be very bright, less bright depending on the needs. As for where the Dimmer is installed , it is in a convenient position to adjust.

  1. open test

Once installed, we test that the light that the LED emitting is. Is it suitable as planned or we can adjust the brightness of the LED from the Dimmer , just that and you are done.

How to install LED Strip

How to install LED Strip

Implementation of LED strips

The use of LED Strip to use it must be said that there is a lot of variety. Because it can be used both outdoors and interior. Whether the billboard is a square frame. or that is a letter used outdoors Most of the time, the installer hides the LED under the letters. or within the structure of the billboard

As for the interior, we can see that LED has been applied to the furniture. The decoration of various rooms in the house that is often seen is the wardrobe. And under the bed we can see that LEDs are placed under the bed to provide light. Installing LEDs at the stairs to increase the light to use when the light is insufficient. This will help make it much safer.

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