Pantone of the year 2018 Ultraviolet สีพิเศษ สีแพนโทนประขำปี 2019 สีม่วง สวยๆ

Pantone of the Year 2018

Design print media. Don't forget to follow the trend a bit. because the colors that this year are coming in strong to keep up with the trend It has to be a bit modern, whether it's graphic design, print media design. packaging design From fashion design to interior design, it goes to "Ultra Violet " , which combines the power created with the right proportions of blue and red and makes you feel that The future is here right now!

Pantone announced its 2018 color of the year a few weeks ago. But then it spread to design and creativity all over the world . innovation That is hidden with luxury and mystery. Break away from the feeling of fresh air with pastel tones. Now it's time to move on to the strong colors that drive the momentum forward.

Here are some examples of some of our works that have been used in Ultra Violet in graphic design and other design projects:

Pantone of the year 2018 - Design Print Trend - Octopus Media Solutions - PVC Sticker Banner Vinyl

Print designers, graphic designers, when seeing this color coming, there may be some who are shocked at how to play with it. Don't worry, Pantone has provided designers with tons of useful tools such as color coding in different color systems, which is great news for all of us who want to experiment with this mysterious purple. (Not too hard ^_^), which has a style that is mysterious, amazing, colorful and very fun. But all of them have definitely yielded "charming" results.

Colors Pantone of the Year 2018 - Printing Tutorial Guide

Drama Queen Pantone of the Year 2018 - Printing Palette Swatch Tutorial Guide

However, for those of the marketing team, the graphic designer team, All who prepare to send the work to the printing house, poster printing shop sticker printing shop All signage printing shops must be confident in their skill in dealing with this color. As mentioned before, the color Ultra Violet is caused by playing with blue (Cyan) mixed with red (Magenta) to get a deep, wide, beautiful shade. We have to know better than expecting a CMYK system that is not equivalent. RGB already, we recommend using Sticker printing shop or printing shop that uses a 6-color ink system (CcMmYK) with Light Cyan and Light Magenta to help make the job. Print stickers out soft, wide, deep. Compared to the color seen from a computer monitor more) , although it is worth the effort that you put in. print media design come on

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