Useful color tones for popular photo editing in 2019.

Useful color tones for popular photo editing in 2019 .

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Images are another element that is important in various media work, whether it is online and print media, both images produced by photography, including images created by design in the form of drawing to the use of programs to The creation of various patterns is all through image retouching, image retouching, adding color, light and shadow, modifying the composition to make the image more beautiful. Today we have brought a tone of image decoration that is gaining popularity for designers of print media to online media, including people who like to edit images on various social media. These can be used together. 

  1. Duotone is a photo-editing tone that gives the work a whimsical and interesting look. Especially if used to edit photos from a fashion shoot and then use Duotone , which means decorating the color of the picture to only 2 colors, possibly by gradation into the composition. To be used in various types of magazine or poster publications

duotone Photo editing trends of 2018

  1. Neon Colorful is another photo editing style that is suitable for fashion photography for those who are bored of natural shades because Neon Colorful is a retouching photo retouching that makes the work come out different in terms of brightness, temperature, images. Color, light, shadow, resolution, there are many features to choose from. Make the work come out more interesting. Designers can use Adobe Lightroom to create their images in Neon Colorful tones .

colorful neon tone color neon color iphone modern backround design theme contrast color photoshop

  1. Colorful Composing images using the technique to increase the intensity of full colors. It is another color tone that is popular in every era as it is called No Out. But first, photographers and designers have to find materials that have the right composition. From photographing architecture or drawing patterns to designing the shape of objects, then starting to put on the distinctive colors. Or use the contrast technique , using contrasting colors to make prints that stand out when you see them.

retouch food pictures to be appetizing colorful tone call bright colors, bright colors, suitable for food with high contrast, outstanding shadows, clear images, top view, clean eating

                In addition to the use of image editing programs that must be downloaded into the device. Today, there are many online photo editing sites that offer tonal design for novice designers to try and play with, including Polarr, Pixlr Editor, Sumo Paint, Befunky, Fotor Online which has Effect, Feature, Layer. and a wide range of tools for designers to practice retouching images in the desired color tones more easily.

Who is bored of the same style of retouching images , try to use the tones of the images that we recommend today to be used together. Hope this is an idea that gives your work a colorful look. make a difference and attracting more interest

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