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Light guide plate, what is the use of led diffuser plates?

No matter where you look, in any community, you will see billboards full of advertisements. Nowadays, there are almost no commercial sources that do not use billboards. Whether it's restaurants, hotels, resorts, department stores, companies, pubs, bars, and countless others, including sticker shops and sign shops that have to make their own billboards , they still need to use them to make them stand out, be beautiful and eye-catching. with the shop as well But a billboard that is beautiful and complete and has a positive effect on the business must be Signs that are noticeable day and night The light box sign is the answer.

Billboard Frontlit Banner Billboard Billboard Advertising Media BTS Advertising Screen

Making billboards in general, the part is just a technique Printed on a sticker or printed on vinyl, stretched out by the day is clearly visible (Frontlit) at night, it may have a light from above or below the sign. It's not bright enough to be able to see everything clearly. We may be used tomake a light box sign that can turn on the light from behind the image (Backlit)

We can see that making billboards is now made to shine in the night. In addition to making the advertisements visible day and night It also makes the beauty attractive to look into again. Did you know that making these billboards is crisp, fresh and beautiful? There is a factor from the quality of the media used. Ink to print, lights to use, and more.

One thing few customers will know. sign making shop Many of which may not be as important. Is the definition of brightness that is not just a matter of choosing a lamp. Only about the arrangement of lights It needs more special materials that will allow the display that is generated from the lamp (whether it's T5 T8 or whether it's a Module LED or LED Bar) that is selected to be able to spread brightly throughout the sheet. LUX or LUMEN to have enough to the distribution of light equally throughout the sheet (UNIFORMITY INDEX)

Light guide plate and diffuser plate with making advertisements

Before discussing the differences between light guide plates and diffusers. Let's describe the starting material at Sticker shop and sign maker should be well known as acrylic first. Acrylic is a transparent plastic sheet in a mirror-like body. It is commonly used as a backdrop to make a light box sign or to decorate a letter sign. due to high durability There are several thicknesses to choose from. Not difficult to trim But in fact, the technique of making a light box sign to be bright and beautiful does not use ordinary acrylic sheets in the market. The problems that must be faced by sign shops or sticker shops that accept billboards are well known. Regarding the brightness and even distribution of light, which affects the beauty and clarity of the signage, in fact, we may need to use a separate diffuser or light guide plate to help the light come out more beautiful.

Acrylic Diffuser Plate Acrylic light diffuser sheet, light box, light guide plate, cheap price

Because the law of light is to travel in a straight line. The use of lamps to light up the acrylic nameplate is thus bringing the light. Therefore, when a sign made of ordinary acrylic, if you want to clearly illuminate the entire sign A large number of lamps must be installed at all points, which in turn consumes a lot of energy. The light diffusing agent is mixed into the acrylic, allowing the light to spread more widely than the sheet. ordinary acrylic which saves energy, saves budget and reduces problems for them Sticker shop and label maker can go out quite a lot.

LGP Light Guide Plate LED Signage to make thin light box signs.

Laser Dot Laser Strip LGP Light Guide Plate Dot laser light guide plate light box sign work

and another type is the light guide plate that is often used for Slim Light-box signs that want to save space, look beautiful because the sign is thinner than a normal light box sign. This type of sign uses LED lights to walk around the light guide plate, shooting parallel lights into the plate. which the light guide plate is Acrylic sheet coated with a substance that has been shot through a screen dot or a laser light guide line that will help receive light from the side LEDs to create an effect that reflects the bright face of the sheet all over the sheet. This method saves a lot of electricity. Beautiful signage.

In summary, there are many principles for making light box signs . There are also many components that need to be taken into account. One important issue is the selection of materials for the illumination of the sign to be beautiful. depending on the nature of the job site desired label format thin thickness of the box available budget This point should be taken into account in order to meet the desired objectives. In addition to this, next time we will talk about the use of different types of lights at sign making shops . Need to know each other!

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