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What is Corporate Identity (CI)?

In the midst of business competition in the present era Brand identity is an important part of who we are. And how is it different from others in the market? Corporate Identity was born to help differentiate the brand. and help the brand, product or organization to be more known and remembered

What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate Identity or CI for short , which means identity design. To make the identity or unique characteristics of the brand memorable to consumers. Customers will be able to know what the image, thoughts, and styles of that brand are like. It's like the personal characteristics of a person that make us remember them, whether it's gender, appearance, personality, tastes, and preferences. The main principles in designing the identity of an organization or product brand are the first important elements.

Logo is a logo, sign, or symbol that is designed using images, colors, or letters as a means of communication. To convey something unique to a brand or organization

Typography | Font is a font, typeface used in design. Generally, around 2-3 fonts are used. What kind of font and size you choose depends on the type of letter.

Color Color is another element that will help customers or consumers to remember the product's mark more easily. Choosing different colors will give different feelings. If you choose the right color, it will help. Brand identity is more visible.

Why should a business have a Corporate Identity?

Among many business competitors in the market Creating a corporate or brand identity or having a Corporate Identity will allow the general public or customers to be able to clearly recognize your identity. and create recognition for consumers Make your business stand out from the competition. This may require marketing information such as graphic design , illustrator, photoshop, making vinyl signs , company signs , acrylic signs or others, depending on your needs.

Simply put, CI is important to design, construction, graphics, and marketing teams because it makes your brand easily memorable to customers. Looks more professional, clearer and can be applied to communicate in many different types.

Corporate Identity Framework, corporate or brand identity

Who can help you build your brand? Make the presentation consistent with the Corporate Identity.

To add value to your business's marketing materials as a memorable brand. Advertising media design and production services. Octopus Media Solutions can provide you with a complete service. We provide services from the beginning, installation, we have a team of service technicians until the work is completed, providing design and production services for all types of advertising media. Whether it is stickers , car stickers , glass stickers , wall stickers, vacuum stickers, Japanese flags , Japanese signs , booth equipment , roll up, standee, backdrop, including sign production , POSM, POP Display, all types of marketing print media We focus on creating selling points. And we have a good understanding of customer problems. So you can be confident when using our service.

An example of a good Brand Book or Brand Guideline file for clarity in Corporate Identity and clear communication with the brand can be viewed at

Another interesting example is a good reference (Cr. Imagination) that allows Turkish Airlines to be used as a guideline.

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